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Past Results

Past Race Results:

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2010 Results:

5K Run/Walk
5K Baby Jogger
10K Run

race records

10K Men: Patrick Parsel, 30:27 (2008)
10K Women: Catherine DuBay, 36:04 (2000)
5K Men: Johnathan Peterson, 14:37, (2008)
5K Women: Lorin Scott, 16:45, (2008)
5K Baby Jogger Men:
Mark Murray, 17:39 (2004)
5K Baby Jogger Women: Jennifer Jackson, 20:33 (2009) & Robin Soares (tie) (2010)

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Past Winners and Top Finishes

2010: A rainy year; light rain persisted on and off until about 10am. 10K Men: Cisco Kidd brought home another victory with a time of 34:11 - exactly a full minute better than his 2006 10K finish. Brian Gueneman of Davis was the 2nd overall finisher and the first Davis resident with a time of 34:25.
10K Women:Berkeley's Kimberly Williams posts a time of 40:09 to take the win. The top Davis finisher was Marrie Argentine, with a time of 42:11.
5K Men: Hailing from Guerneville, Jonathan Teeter broke the 16:00 mark with a time of 15:54. Second was Obbie Ehlinger of Davis, in 16:14; Mason Myers was third overall and the first Master's finisher in 16:20.
5K Women: A Davis resident takes the win! Kristin Arkin finishes first in 18:05. Jillian Brown of Sacramento was the next female finisher at 19:29.
5K Baby Jogger: Robin Soares TIES the Course record with a finish of 20:33 for the win in the Women's Division; the overall winner was Brian Miller of El Dorado Hills, with a time of 18:33. Top Davis finishers were Nancy Rashid (22:13) and Steven Stoddard (26:12).

2009: 10K Men: Former Davis resident (now of Pilot Hill) Steve Sexton won the 10K in 32:47. It was a close finish with Davis's Zach Bonner right behind him, at 32:49.
10K Women: Davis' Stephanie Cello, just 13 years old, won the women's 10K with a finish time of 39:50.
5K Men:Chris Badalato, of Reno, NV, won the men's race in 16:10. Jake McHaffie was the top Davis finisher, and third overall, in 16:32.
5K Women:
Napa's Tammy Fraley took home the gold by finishing in 19:10, exactly three minutes after the top male finisher. Alexandra Rieger, just 13 years old, was the top female finisher with a time of 19:42 (4th overall).
5K Baby Jogger: The only course record set in 2009 was by Davis' Jennifer Jackson, who bettered the previous women's course record in the Baby Jogger 5K by 12 seconds (20:33). The top male finisher, also from Davis, was Justin Morejohn, in 18:12.

2008 Results are not available from our '08 timing company at this time, but you can search your individual results at www.zinsli.com by entering your first and last name. Alternatively, you can view PDF files of the Overall Female and Male results for the 5K and 10K. (formatting revised 11/18/09)

2008: 10K Men: Davis' Patrick Parsel broke a six-year old record, finishing in a quick 30:27, over a minute and a half ahead of the second place finisher. In the 10K Women, Megha Doshi of Berkeley was the top finisher, with a time of 38:31.
5K Men: Johnathan Peterson (Davis, CA) sets a new course record in the 5K, with a time of 14.37, smashing the old record by 16 seconds.
5K Women:It was a year for records, with a record-breaking performance in the 5K as well. Lorin Scott, also of Davis, was the first female finisher at 16:45, breaking the old record by 25 seconds.














2007: 10K Men: For the second year in a row, a Davis resident claimed the men's title in the 10K. This year it was William Tarantino, 24, who finished in 33:00. Erich Ackermann from San Ramon finished 2nd in 33:26.
10K Women: Davis residents ran strong today, as Kaitlin Gregg won the women's title in 37:52, and a longtime Davis resident, Lisa Herrington, placed third overall in 39:26.
5K Men: Jason Sey defended his title successfully this year, winning the 5K in 15:19, sixteen seconds faster than his finish in 2006. He was followed by Kurt Ruegg (16:11) and Jason Carwile (16:15). Finishing fourth by one second (16:16) was Zach Bonner, the top Davis finisher in the Men's 5K.
5K Women:
Audrey Amara of Auburn finished just in front of Claire Kelley of Reno, with finish times of 18:50 and 18:52. Natalia Gaerlan. of Rocklin, finished in a close third with a time of 18:58. The top Davis finisher in the women's 10K was Maura Tyrrell, in 19:30.
5K Baby Jogger: Auburn's Robin Soares set the new course record for the women in the Baby Jogger race, by bettering the previous time by 14 seconds (Nancy Rashid, 20:59, 2003). Scott Barnacle of Vacaville won the men's race in 18:05. The top Davis residents to finish the Baby Jogger race were Ethan Walsh (21:56) and Amanda Walsh (22:03).

2006: 10K Men: Matthew Wise of Davis won the men’s race with a quick 33:34. A minute later, another Davis resident, Steve Sexton, finished in 34:36. Sundance Kid (35:10) and Cisco Kid (35:11) came in 3rd and 4th, respectively.
10K Women: The women’s 10K race was one of the closest ever. First was Yvonne Liebig, of Citrus Heights, in 37:37. Just seconds later, Davis’ Darien Feary finished 2nd (37:40) and Kimberly Beason finished 3rd (37:43).
5K Men: The 5K race was led by Jason Sey, 18, of Vacaville, who finished in 15:35, a pace of 5:00/mile. Behind him was Reno’s Rob Vancleve, in 16:09. The top male from Davis to finish the 5K was Luke Gibson, 24, who finished 3rd in 16:32.
5K Women:
Kim Conley of Davis set the women’s course record in the 5K this year with a stunning finish of 17:10. Finishing behind her were Kaylin Pennington (17:44), from Benecia and Kristine Shedd, from Davis (18:24).
5K Baby Jogger: Davis’ Mark Murray wins another title in the Baby Jogger event with a finishing time of 18:25, just barely edging out Dixon’s Greg Ngo, who finished in 18:30. Susan Kelley of Woodland finished first in the women’s division with a time of 23:07. Sharon Lydon of Yuba City took second and Shirley Lewis of Petaluma placed third.

2005: 10K Men: Justin Hurd of Monterey won the men’s race with a time of 32:24. Other top finishers in the men’s race were Cisco Kidd (33:00) and Andrew Boudreau (33:10). The top Davis finisher was C. Gustafson, who finished in 14th place with a time of 35:16. 
10K Women: Caroline Radke, of Fairfield, took first with a quick time of 37:13. Davis’ Pam Runquist finished second in 38:29.
5K Men: The 5K Men’s race was extremely close, with Davis’ Orlando Velasquez edging out El Dorado Hills’ John Mann by just two seconds. Their times were 15:46 and 15:48, respectively.
5K Women: Wheatland’s Karen Jeffers took home first with a finish time of 18:17. Second and third went to Katie Ross-Smith (Sutter Creek; 19:33) and Ashley Lapray, 14 years old, from Roseville (19:45). The top Davis finisher in the women’s 5K was Katherine Flanagan, just 13 years old, who finished in 12th place with a time of 21:08.
5K Baby Jogger: Mark Murray won the men’s race again, this time with a time of 18:46. Behind him was Greg Ngo, who crossed the finish line at 19:09. In the women’s race, Davis’ Nancy Rashid finished first in 20:00. Sharon Lydon finished second in 24:29.

2004: 10K Men: Top finishers in the 10K came not only to run fast but to provide us with humorous pseudonyms. Winning the men’s race was Cisco Kidd (32:57), who calls Mountain View home. Following him were Vacaville’s Chad Connor (33:30), and two San Francisco runners: The Sundance Kid (33:56) and Butch Cassidy (34:26). The top Davis finisher, Steve Young (32:57), was just thirty seconds behind Mr. Cassidy.
10K Women: Winning the race was Allison Kerr of Vacaville (36:45). 2nd and 3rd place went to Sarah Shuler (37:16) and Sally Daganzo (38:08). The top Davis finishers were Amanda Kohler (41:24) and Jen Lister (42:02).
5K Men: The 5K course this year was 0.1 miles short due to an unfortunate volunteer marshall oversight in the latter part of the course. Consequently, almost all times were affected. However, we still want to recongnize our winners: In the men’s race, Vacaville’s David Monk reached the finish line in 15:13, followed closely by last year’s winner, Jeffrey Lease of Stockton (15:18). The top Davis finisher in the Men’s 5K was Matthew Post, who finished 10th overall in 16:08.
5K Women: In the women’s race, Melanie Cleland brought home yet another title, winning in 16:12. Emmy Barr (Granite Bay) and Kristine Shedd (Davis) followed in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, with finish times of 17:24 and 17:52.
5K Baby Jogger: The competition grows stronger each year in the Baby Jogger race. Davis’ Mark Murray smashed the 5K Men’s Baby Jogger record this year by running a fast 17:39. Close behind was Dixon’s Greg Ngo, in 17:43. In the women’s race, Jennifer Miramontes from Davis took home the title with a 21:20 finish.

2003: 10K Men: Top finishers in the 10K came from afar this year; Matt Sartor of Redding won the Men’s 10K in 32:24, following by Rhodes Waldon of Mountain View (32:42) and a third male runner from San Francisco who participated under the name “Sundance Kid” (33:07). Top Davis runners in the Men’s 10K included James Allen (34:47), Justin Morejohn (35:29) and Steve Young (35:44).
10K Women: In the women’s race, Pamela Hayes of Fairfax captured the win in 39:18. Roseville’s Amy Davidson-Shaw took second in 40:26 and Davis’s Courtney Palko came in third in 40:36. Other top female finishers from Davis included Marianne Hernandez (40:53) and Danielle Widenmann (41:19).
5K Men: The 5K race was a quick one, with Stockton’s Jeffrey Lease crossing first in 15:29. Lease was followed closely by Davis’ Bryan Burnley (15:38) and Sean Marzolf of Lodi (15:49). Other top Davis finishers included Ben Jarrett (17:10), Justin Lakin (18:42) and Ken Hiatt (18:44). Senior runners in our 75+ division ran amazingly fast and included the following age group winners: Bill Ballantine (79, 29:18), Peter Yuen (75, 29:23) and Spido Webb (78, 34:10).
5K Women: The women’s race saw two young runners battling for first place. Coming across the finish line first was Michelle Born, 16, from Roseville, in 18:17. Abbie Galloway, 19, from Davis finished second in 18:58, and Redding’s Megan Johnson came in third in 19:29. Davis residents Carolyn Menard and Laura Mason finished top amongst the Davis runners in 20:50 and 21:28, respectively. Hats off to our distinguished winners in our 75+ divisions: Jean Risley (79, Davis, 48:09), Marilyn Halliday (75, Yuba City, 59:01) and Carole Johnson (84, Davis, 59:18).
5K Baby Jogger: Two new course records were set this year in the 5K Baby Jogger division. Crossing first was 37 year old M. Woodward in 18:10. Nancy Rashid of Davis finished first among the women in 20:59.

2002: 10K Men: Davis runners take first place in both the Men’s and Women’s 10K Races. Jorge Murillo, 19, wins the Men’s 10K in a stunning 31:47, which averages to a 5:06 pace. Second place is David Nichols of Suisun City, who finishes in 32:09, which the exact same time he finished the 10K in 2002 when he was the overall winner. 
10K Women: In a photo finish, 18 year old Erna Forgo clinches the victory in the women’s race with a 39:12 finish. Inches behind Forgo was Diana Perun, 35, of San Francisco, who finished a second later at 39:13.
5K Men: Stockton runners Jeffrey Lease and Marty Jellin go 1-2 in the Men’s 5K, with times of 15:24 and 15:37, respectively. 
5K Women: Jennifer Pfiefer, 31, of Folsom, takes home another gold in the women’s 5K with a time of 17:23.
5K Baby Jogger: Mike McGuire of Davis wins again with a 19:09 finish. Also from Davis, Michele Mantay wins the Women’s 5K Baby Jogger race with a time of 21:01. A record 157 people run/walk this year’s 5K Baby Jogger event.

2001: 10K: Davis Nichols of Suisun City wins in 32:09. Justin Rau of Davis places second in 32:49. In the Women’s 10K Race, Jennifer Pfiefer, wins in 38:24; Kazumi Nigro of Shasta Lake places second in 38:37. Megan Canova (38:51) is the top Davis finisher in the 10K.
5K: The 5K run is 1/10 of a mile short, so times reflected are for a 3-mile finish. Taking first place in the Men’s race is Stuart Eastman of Davis (14:55). The women’s race saw Midori Sperando finish first with a time of 16:38.
5K Baby Jogger: Davis’ Mike McGuire wins in 20:54. Linda Casilas, also of Davis, wins the women’s title with a finish of 23:00.

2000: 10K: Miguel Tibaduiza of Reno (33:22) edges out Davis runner Gregg Morin (33:25) for the first place finish. Megan Canova of Davis takes home the victory in the Women’s race with a 37:39 finish.
5K: D. Simm, of Rochester, MN, wins the Men’s 5K in 15:37. Simm also holds the record for the fastest finish at the Davis Stampede 5K, which ironically is also a time of 15:37. The battle for 2nd and 3rd is close, with Stuart Eastman placing second (15:44) and Nate Moroski in third (15:49).  In the women’s race, Midori Sperando takes first with a 17:34 finish. 

199910K: Ben Turman of Berkeley wins the 10K in 30:56. Jeff Hildebrandt (31:53) and Adam Bessie (33:53) take second and third. In the Women’s 10K, Santa Rosa’s Catherine DuBay finishes first in 36:04. Nearly one minute later, Diane Peterson finishes second in 37:09. Davis runner Mika Jekabsens takes third 37:45.
5K: Chris Gaston of Cotati wins in 14:53. In a close finish, second place went to Stuart Eastman (15:17) while third was awarded to Bryce Lighthall (15:21). San Anselmo’s Linda Gill finished first in the Women’s 5K in 17:45. Second place was awarded to Stacy Worthen (17:56).

1998: 10K: Reno’s Nick Bingham finishes first in 31:33. Local runner Jean Harvey of Woodland wins the Women’s 10K in 36:46. Top Davis finishers in the Men’s 10K include: Tim Naylor (34:16), Paul Cox (34:43) and Bryan Thoreson (34:59). For the women, Deborah Tipton (38:49), Andrea Kivsch (41:59) and Melissa Reid (43:12) are the top Davis finishers.
5K: Davis runners Greg Phister (14:56) and Eric Hyde (15:31) finish first and second in the Men’s 5K. 17:39 was the winning time in the Women’s 5K with Melanie Cleland of Oakland taking home top honors. Second place was awarded to Jamie Whitmore of Elk Grove (18:23). Top female Davis runners in the 5K were Pam Runquist (18:57) and Erna Kessel (19:13).


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